Dance Extension Studio Time Rental

This page is intended for businesses seeking agreements with Dance Extension.  It is not intended to be shared or distributed to patrons.
Policies & Procedures (2018 Revision)
Dance Extension Project, LLC is a performing arts school for youth ages 2-18.  Our first priority is to provide the best facility and instructional environment to meet the mission of our school program.  We do provide limited availability studio time for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations subject to policies below.  We do not rent studio time to private individuals unless they are regular instructors at Dance Extension and we do not rent for birthday parties.

The following policies are in place to ensure a positive experience of all patrons of Dance Extension programs and those programs offered within our space.

Minimum Requirements for Renting Time in Sudios (either one time or recurring use):

  1. Your organization must be registered as a business with the Secretary of State in Ohio (
  2. You must be explicitly authorized by principals of the registered organization to offer programs and classes within our studio.
  3. You must be independently insured in the exact name or DBA name of the business registered with the State of Ohio to operate your business covering your instructors and students.
  4. You must acquire additional insurance documents stating Dance Extension and our facilities are covered.  See detail below.  We will require 2 business days to verify this insurance prior to class start.
  5. You must not compete with Dance Extension offerings (see detail below).
  6. You must not attempt to lure business away from, offer a competing program, or attempt to discredit existing renting organizations at our studio (see detail below).

General Policies:

A valid credit card and contract authorizing payment is required to cover pre-paid rental rates and incidentals incurred as specified in your contract and these policies.  All renting parties agree to a specific hourly rate and studio hours.  Rent will be due the first of the month in advance of classes. A written notification must be received, via phone, email or text, 48 hours prior to the event in case of cancellation.  Cancelled class fees may be applied to future rental but will not be refunded.

Dance Extension will not underwrite, subsidize or provide rental discounts to startup dance organizations.  It is solely your responsibility to develop a sustainable business plan and secure necessary investments to cover the startup costs of your organization, especially as it relates to rental fees and insurance premiums.

All rental is in 30 minute increments with a minimum of 1 hour.   Your rental agreement is by time, not by class.  The renter must schedule the amount of time you plan to be in the studio.  Public lobby spaces are provided for use 15 minutes before and after your classes.  For example, if you plan to offer a full 60 minute class with students warming up and cooling off in the classroom, you must rent the studio for 90 minutes. Our studio space is in high demand, and we will, as normal practice, schedule studio spaces back to back without transition times.  Studio lights and stereo may power down automatically outside scheduled hours.

The Renter will be responsible for any and all damage to interior and exterior building either directly or indirectly by their patrons.  Renter must keep studio clean, make sure all sound equipment and lights are off when exiting the studio.

Building Security: The Renter is responsible for being at the studio at all times when your patrons are in the building.  The Renter may not leave children or adults unattended at the studio even if there are other classes going on in the studio.  When you are the last instructor to leave, you are responsible for turning out all lights, returning all hvac systems to program, unplugging all fans, checking restrooms for patrons and locking the main door.  You are responsible for all losses as a result of leaving studio unlocked.

No street worn shoes allowed on dance floors.  No food or parties are allowed anywhere in the facility.  A $35 cleaning fee will be charged for each occurrence.  Street shoes carry in automotive oil, animal feces, sand, stone and other dirt.  If shoes were worn in our parking lot, they are now street shoes.

Music Licensing: Dance Extension provides music licensing for dance and fitness programs through the three major license providers (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) only when performed inside our building as part of a dance or group fitness instruction program.  These licenses cover the right to play the music you already own in the venue.  Licensing for performance outside of our venue is your own responsibility.

Music Content and Volume:  Renters acknowledge they are teaching within a shared space primarily attended by youth ages 2-18.   No explicit lyrics are permitted at any time within the studio.  Long-term exposure to sound over 80 dB can lead to permanent hearing loss.  Even two hours of exposure at 85 db can cause hearing damage.  Apple and Android apps are available for free that measure volume.  Unfortunately, many dance instructors have already suffered hearing loss and are unaware they are playing music at dangerous volumesVolume must be kept below 85 db at all times.

Video Monitoring: All public spaces within the studio are remotely monitored 24 hours a day for your safety.  Dressing rooms and restrooms are not video monitored and changing of clothes should only be done in these areas.  Signs are posted on building entrance to alert patrons.

Dance Extension Non-compete:  We do not rent studio space to organizations offering group or private lessons in youth disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Improvisational Dance, Break Dance, Princess Dance/Parties, or Mommy and Me programs. If you have ideas for a program to offer in these categories to a group and would like to become an instructor at Dance Extension, please contact us.

Renting Party Non-compete: If you are taking classes from, or are an instructor with an organization with an active contract with Dance Extension, you must obtain a letter/email of reference stating they support your additional program.   We do not rent studio space to organizations attempting to split from an existing program and lure students from that organization to your program.

Insurance Requirements:

The Renter will carry the insurance that is set forth below and will provide a certificate evidencing the same.  The requirements of the coverage are as follows:  $1,000,000.00 Single limit for bodily injury and 500,000 property damage.  The coverage shall include premises-operations; products and complete operations; Owners and Contractors Protective, Personal Injury; Fire Legal Liability to real Property – $500,000.00.  The Dance Extension Project, and its owners must be named additional insurers to this Policy.

Dance Extension will not, under any circumstances, provide, or subsidize any insurance to cover you or your students in our facility.  It is not an option for us to offer you insurance even at a fee.

Social Media: As a renter of our facility, you agree to aggressively and publicly defend against any negative social media claims by your staff or students against Dance Extension programs, staff or students as well as any program offered within the Dance Extension facility.  Negative comments from rental patrons will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement without refunds.