Dance Extension Project
4400 Tuller Road Dublin, OH

Our Philosophy
Dance Extension Project is committed to providing dancers of all ages with quality dance instruction and needed resources to enrich and inspire students to strive toward reaching their personal best. We believe that dance positively affects both the mind and body of a dancer and instills lifelong skills. Our dance instruction includes all classical aspects of dance including ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip hop taught in an encouraging and safe environment. In addition, we offer classes in acting and vocal performance skills for all ages as well as a preschool movement program to inspire even the youngest dancer. We believe in nurturing the creativity and talent of each individual dancer and helping them develop lifelong skills by offering classes in fitness, conditioning and nutrition. Dance is the art form that develops, balances, controls, postures, focuses and fine tunes the body and encourages the expression of creativity through movement. The structure of a dance class involves problem solving, patterns and sequences of movement, co-ordination, listening, and following directions.