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Online payment is available for 6 and 10 week sessions. For full-season classes or classes not on this list, select “Register to Receive More Information”. Our staff will contact you for class availability and placement. You may also call us directly at 614-764-1511.

Directions: Select a class from the list below. Click the policies check box, and select the “Register and Pay” button. You will be redirected to a secure credit card payment page. Once completed, you will receive an email receipt.

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I have read and understand the Policies & Procedures and agree to comply with the documented studio policies. Individual, group and class photos taken by us, or an outside company that we hire, may be used in any or all forms of media for advertising, including, but not limited to website, blogs, flyers, Facebook and social media. I will not hold Dance Extension Project, LLC, it’s owners or any of its employees responsible for any personal injury or property loss.

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