9:30  Onstage

10:00  Performance

Mon 5:00 Intro to Dance (JUDY)

“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.mp3

Apprentice – Hip Hop (BRIANNA)

“Friend Like Me Workout Remix”

Frends Like Me Workout Remix.m4a

Mon 5:30 Ballet/Tap (ABBIE)

“Defying Gravity cut”

 Defying Gravity Cut.mp3

Senior – Modern (DJ)

“Senior Modern mp3” (Phantom of the Opera)

Senior Modern.mp3 – Senior Modern

Fri 10:15 Ballet/Tap (DJ)

“The Sound Of Music Do-Re-Mi”

 The Sound Of Music Do-Re-Mi.mp3 – Fri. BalletTap 1015am

10:30  Onstage

11:00  Performance

Mon 7:15 Lyrical/Contemp (MADI)

“She Used to Be Mine – cut”

She Used to Be Mine Cut.m4a – Teen Contemporary (Mon. 7:15)

Senior – Contemporary (MADI)

“Waving Through a Window -cut”

Waving Through a Window Cut.m4a – Senior Contemporary

Mon 5:30 Ballet/Tap (DJ)


Cinderella.mp3 – Ballet Tap Mon 5:30

Apprentice – Jazz (BRITT)

“The Nicest Kids in Town” section from JAZZ PRODUCTION

(@ :38 – 2:25)
Nicest from Hairspray Jazz Production.mp3

Wed 5:00 Intro to Dance (JUDY)

“Under the Sea”

Under the Sea.mp3

11:30  Onstage

12:00  Performance

Apprentice – Hip Hop (BRIANNA)

“Friend Like Me – Workout Remix”

 Frends Like Me Workout Remix.m4a

Tue 10:30 Ballet/Jazz (DJ)

“Big Girls Don’t Cry.mp3”

 Big Girls Dont Cry.mp3 -Tues, BalletJazz 10:30am

Sat 9:30 Intro to Dance (MIRANDA)


 Popular.m4a – Sat. 9-30 intro

Senior – Afro Fusion (BRIANNA)

“My Power Afrofusion.m4a”

 My Power Afrofusion.m4a

Sat 10:00 Ballet/Tap (MIRANDA)

“Hand Jive.m4a”

 Hand Jive.m4a – Sat tap_ballet 10-00 Final

Sat 10:00 Ballet/Jazz (RAYCHEL)


 OMIGOD.m4a – Saturday Ballet/Jazz

12:30  Onstage

1:00  Performance

Wed 4:00 Ballet/Tap (RAYCHEL)


 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.mp3 – Wednesday Ballet/Tap

Wed 7:00 Hip Hop (ABBIE)

“The Room Where It Happens- Cut”

 The Room Where It Happens Cut.mp3

Apprentice, Junior & Senior – Ballet Production (DJ)

“Ballet Production.mp3”

 Ballet Production.mp3 – Ballet Production

Wed 5:30 Dance/Tumble (RAYCHEL)

“Dancing Queen”

 Dancing Queen.m4a – Wednesday Dance and Tumble

Wed 4:30 Acro Skills (RAYCHEL)

“Seize The Day”

 Seize The Day.m4a – Wednesday Acro

1:30  Onstage

2:00  Performance

Juniors – Hip Hop (BRIANNA)

“One Night Only – Disco Version”

 One Night Only Disco Version – Juniors.m4a

Mon 6:15 Tap (DJ)


AnythingGoes.mp3 – Intermediate Tap

 Mon 6:15 Ballet/Jazz (MAYSEN)

“Super Trouper Cut.m4a”

 Super Trouper Cut.m4a

Senior – Jazz (BRITT)

“Come So Far, Got So Far to Go” section from JAZZ PRODUCTION

(@ 3:17 – 5:10)
Come So Far from Hairspray Jazz Production.mp3

Mon 7:00 Beg Ballet (MAYSEN)

“Seasons Of Love.mp3”

 Seasons Of Love.mp3

Tue 6:00 Int Jazz (BRITT)

“King of New York cut.mp3”

 King Of New York Cut.mp3 – Jazz Tues 6pm

2:30  Onstage

3:00  Performance

Senior – Modern (DJ)

“Senior Modern.mp3”

 Senior Modern.mp3 – Senior Modern

Tue 5:15 Ballet/Jazz (MADI)

“Burning Love – cut fade”

 Burning Love Cut Fade.mp3 – Tues. Ballet/Jazz 5:15 pm

Tue 6:45 Int Ballet (DJ)


 Neverland.mp3 – Int Ballet Tue 645

Juniors – Contemporary (MADI)

“Everything Changes cut.m4a”

 Everything Changes Cut.m4a – Junior Contemporary

Thur 6:15 Hip Hop (BRIANNA)


 Fame – Rec.m4a

Thur 7:00 Teen Jazz (BRITT)

“Can You Imagine That”

 Can You Imagine That.mp3 – Jazz Thurs 7pm

3:30  Onstage

4:00  Performance

Junior – Hip Hop (BRIANNA)

“One Night Only – Disco Version”

 One Night Only Disco Version – Juniors.m4a

Tue 6:00 Ballet/Jazz (MADI)

“Strongest Suit cut.m4a”

Strongest Suit Cut.m4a – Tues. Ballet/Jazz 6:00 pm

Wed 7:00 Musical Theater (DJ)

Yasmin solo “Stand Tall cut.mp3”

Class Performance “Oh the Thinks You Can Think (cut).mp3”

 Stand Tall Cut.mp3 – Musical Theater

Graduating Seniors – Tribute Dance (BRITT)

“I Hope You Dance.mp3”

 I Hope You Dance.mp3 – Senior Dance

Wed 7:00 Break Dance (TRIG/KWICK)

 Dance EXT BBoy FINAL Cut.mp3

Thur 7:45 Teen Hip Hop (BRIANNA)

“Wait For It – REC.m4a”

Wait for It – REC.m4a